Cafe Maji in Arcadia, CA

A cute little cafe located on the second floor of the Arcadia Gym!  It’s a nice place to catch up with friends or study (free wi-fi) though it’s a little weird to be having a meal while people are using the adjacent exercise floor.  Everything here is so cute, from the presentation of the dishes and drinks to the serving utensils and the decor.  They have a variety of coffee drinks, smoothies, desserts, and sandwiches!


Oreo latte, s’mores latte, bulgogi quesadilla, and the Maji club!  The drinks are delicious and come with a mini cream puff or macaron.  Each drink is about $5, but it’s a good size.  The bulgogi quesadilla has chopped jalapenos and isn’t too spicy.  The Maji club is a tasty combination of turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, jam, and pesto and is served on toasted honey wheat bread.


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