Rotisserie Chicken of California in Pasadena, CA

A group of us came here to celebrate the birthdays of two of our friends!  This little cafe-type place is located on Los Robles Ave just north of Colorado Blvd.  It’s easy to miss since it has a small storefront and inconspicuous signs.  Rotisserie Chicken of California is famous for its 32-spice chicken, but they also serve steak and fish entrees.  You can order a plate of chicken with your choice of sauce, rice or mashed potatoes, and vegetables, and a salad.  We wanted to try all the different sauces, so we ordered different dishes and shared.  The prices here are higher, but you do get a lot of food.  The waiter was also really friendly and made sure that we always had our drinks refilled and enough napkins.


I ordered the barbecue chicken for $13.50.  The mashed potatoes were packed into a cute disc shape.  The chicken was juicy and tender, and the barbecue sauce had the right amount of flavor and tang.  I was so full after eating the chicken and couldn’t finish all the rice.


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