Akasaka in Hacienda Heights, CA

Some college friends and I met up for dinner here tonight!  I looked around for restaurants that would be central to our various locations, and Akasaka sounded like a good choice!  I thought it was the same Akasaka in the City of Industry, but it’s completely different.  I was imagining Akasaka as a chain Japanese restaurant, but this Akasaka is cozy little place in the middle of a residential neighborhood near the 7th Ave exit by the 60 freeway.  It’s best to make a reservation before coming here.  They have a list for walk-ins and reservations, and people are constantly waiting for a table.  We didn’t have to wait too long before we were seated in the back “room”.  Only one other table was in the room too.  It’s a popular place to eat at, but the service is slow at times.  They waited a long time before taking our order and bringing the check, and they only came to check our table once during the meal.  This place is more expensive, and it took us a longer time to decide what to order.  We ended up ordering beef yaki udon for $14.50, katsudon for $11, and the chirashi bowl for $38.50, and we split the food between the 4 of us.  A rainbow roll of 8 pieces costs $28.  We couldn’t see how a rainbow roll could cost so much, but the neighboring table ordered one, and it really is huge.  The roll looked like a big burrito.


Chirashi bowl!  This is a bowl of sushi rice with yellowtail, salmon, spicy tuna, tuna, octopus, shrimp, scallop, mackeral, uni, eel, and roe.  Yelpers recommended the chirashi bowl, so we decided to try it.  The bowl is large and the fish is tasty.  I’m glad we shared it.  It seems too overwhelming for just one person.


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