Lemonade in Pasadena, CA

I finally got to try Lemonade!  My old college roommate and I met up for dinner and had a lovely time sitting outside and catching up.  It’s on Lake Ave just a couple blocks south of Colorado Blvd.  It’s bright and cute inside, and the restaurant is cafeteria-style like Tender Greens.  The items are a la carte, and as you go down the food line, you can get salads from the “marketplace”, choose a main dish (mac n cheese, braises, entrees, sandwiches), soup, dessert, and drinks including their special lemonades!

Lemonade 2013

My dinner- butternut squash with pickled cranberries and dijon pumpkin dressing, kale with mushrooms and kumquat vinaigrette, Basmati rice, a 1/2 portion of Moroccan chicken, and blueberry mint lemonade for $17!  Everything tasted great, but I didn’t like the pumpkin dressing for the butternut squash.  The dressing had pumpkin seeds, and the tough texture of the seeds didn’t go well with the softer squash.  I would come here again, but only once in a while as it’s a more pricey place to eat.


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