Geisha House in Hollywood, CA

Geisha House had a groupon for $20 for $40 worth of food, so a friend and I went there for dinner on a Friday night!  The easiest parking option is to use the valet for $10.  It’s a swanky place for a date or a girls’ night out, and the food is good but pricey.  Most of the waiters here are attractive young men.  It was fun sitting on the edge of the upstairs dining area!  The restaurant becomes a club at night, and there’s a large dance room upstairs.  I found the room when I was looking for the restroom haha.  For two of us, we ordered the miso glazed rock shrimp for $14, Samango roll for $18, and the crispy ingen (tempura green beans) for $8.  The meal came out to exactly $40, and we only paid for the tax and tip!  We weren’t expecting the shrimp to be fried, so our dinner had more fried food than we expected.  The miso glazed rock shrimp is sweet, and the green beans come with a champagne cream sauce for dipping.  The Samango roll has salmon, mango, crab, lobster, cilantro, and a special zesty sauce.

IMG_5670 IMG_5674 IMG_5678 IMG_5679


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