Cafe LuMar in Monrovia, CA

One of my old friends from kindergarten asked me to pick a place to eat so I did some Yelping and found Cafe LuMar!  It’s a cozy, family-owned, Croatian cafe in downtown Monrovia.  There are only enough tables and chairs for 20 people, and the cafe feels like being in someone’s house.  They also have some Croatian food items for sale.  The menu includes paninis, crepes, entrees, and desserts!

IMG_5698 IMG_5699

We started off the meal with bruschetta and salad!  The bread was crispy and comes with a tomato spread.

IMG_5700 IMG_5701

We ordered Goulash for $14.95 and Chicken Scallopini with sautéed veggies and mashed potatoes!  Goulash is a beef stew and is served with polenta.  The beef was really tender, but the dish was on the salty side.


To finish off the meal, we ordered the chocolate crepe for $3.95!  This crepe was really delicious, and the chocolate inside it was nice and melty.


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