House of Joy in Glendale, CA

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the lunch crew at church went to House of Joy in Glendale!  House of Joy is a Korean-owned Chinese restaurant just north of the 134 freeway at Pacific Ave that has delicious “cha chan mien” for $6.95!  This is also spelled as zha jiang mien.  Each of us ordered a bowl of noodles, and one of the guys surprised us by also ordering potstickers, sweet and sour pork with vegetables, Peking chicken, sweet and sour shrimp, and green beans!  Korean-style cha chan mien is made with a thinner sauce, onions, potatoes, and pork.  Our group of 16 people was able to sit in the private room.  I really enjoyed eating here, and I would love to go again.

IMG_5663 IMG_5664 IMG_5666 IMG_5667 IMG_5668


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