Market Broiler in Orange, CA

One of my old college housemates was visiting from Sacramento during MLK Jr. weekend, so we met up with another friend at The Block in Orange for lunch!  We decided to eat at Market Broiler, which is an SF-style seafood restaurant.  The ambiance was nice, and it felt good to get away from the office for lunch on MLK Jr. day.  There are a lot of menu options including fish and chips, a crab cake sandwich, shellfish pasta, jambalaya, fish plates, and pizza.  A warm loaf of sourdough bread is also provided to each table.  I ordered the lunch combination “Atlantic Catch” for $12.95.  It came with a choice of two sides, a fresh Atlantic salmon fillet, and a skewer of grilled shrimp.  I thought the portions of the fish and shrimp would be bigger.  The salmon, coleslaw, and potatoes were good, but the shrimp were tiny and dry.



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