Fonda la Finca in Tijuana, Mexico

During the weekend of December 14th, I went with a group from my church to build a house in Tijuana!  We partnered with Spectrum Ministries to build a one-room house for a family.  We were able to meet the family and talk to them a little while we were building the house!  I always enjoy going down to Mexico for these mission trips, and I am blessed each year by the people that we work with and being able to bond with the team.  After spending the day building, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner!


Each meal comes with corn tortillas, salsa, limes, cilantro and onions, stewed chicharrones (pork skins), and beans!  The green salsa was spicier than I expected, and I drank all of my water just trying to recover from the heat.  I don’t typically eat chicharrones, but these chicharrones were stewed in a tomato sauce, and they were really good!


Burrito de Asada- a burrito filled with steak, cilantro, and onions with a side of guacamole and cooked cactus leaves!


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