The Oinkster in Eagle Rock, CA

The Oinkster is a hipster sandwich and burger place in Eagle Rock!  It’s really popular, and the rule to not seat yourself before ordering is highly enforced.  The food is in the medium price range with the most expensive sandwich, The Oinkster Pastrami, at $9.50.  You can also order salads, beer and wine, milkshakes, chili, and different kinds of fries (Belgian fries, Piggy fries, and chili fries).


Oinkster Pastrami sandwich and a pumpkin pie milkshake!  The pastrami is cured for two weeks, rubbed with special Oinkster secret spices and smoked with applewood. It’s served with gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, red cabbage slaw, and a side of dill pickles.  The pumpkin pie milkshake is a seasonal milkshake for $4.50.  It tasted just like a pumpkin pie and is made with Fosselman’s pumpkin pie ice cream!


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