Why Thirsty in San Gabriel, CA

Why Thirsty is SO good.  My parents found out about it first and ordered take-out a couple of times before I had a chance to eat in the restaurant.  It’s located on Huntington Blvd and Rosemead Blvd in the Trader Joe’s plaza.  Why Thirsty is a Christian-owned Taiwanese cafe that serves noodle dishes, rice dishes, appetizers, and tea drinks!  The dishes are similar to that of Sin Ba La.  The name “Why Thirsty” comes from the Bible verse John 4:14- “but whoever drinks the water I (Jesus) give them will never thirst.  Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

The food is delicious, the environment is friendly, and you get a LOT of food for a decent price.  Why Thirsty has become one of my favorite places to eat, and I recently had their food for both lunch and dinner one day!

why thirsty 2 why thirsty 4 why thirsty

From the top right, going clockwise: Fish filet noodles for $6.99, popcorn chicken, and pork chop noodles for $6.99.  Each noodle dish comes with a bowl of pork noodle soup, a side of cabbage, a side of beancurd, and your meat of choice!  I ordered the fish filet noodles thinking that the fish would be inside the soup.  I didn’t expect the fish to be fried and come on the side.  The fish was really good as well, but the advertising of their noodle dishes is misleading.


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