Green Zone in San Gabriel, CA

Some childhood friends and I occasionally meet to catch up over dinner, and this time, we went to Green Zone!  Green Zone serves organic cuisine, and there is a little store area just inside the entrance to the restaurant.  The restaurant does have a rustic feel with the wooden floors.  The rice and noodle dishes range from $6.95-$12.95, and they also serve salads, seafood salads, and pasta.  The passionfruit iced tea is delicious!  Each dish is made with fresh ingredients and flavored well.


Prawn tofu wraps for $5.95- minced prawns wrapped in tofu skin, served on fresh cucumbers and with tamarind sweet and sour sauce!


Vegetarian soba for $6.95- organic buckwheat noodles served in hot bonito or mushroom broth and topped with a fried egg and grilled tofu on the side.  I substituted the buckwheat noodles for Molokhia noodles for an additional $2.


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