Bar Celona in Pasadena, CA

A friend and I hung out in Old Town Pasadena on Labor Day and did a little bar hopping!  We wanted to go to the Mojito Bar, but they were closed and had been closed for who knows how long.  I had never been to Bar Celona before, but we decided to try it out!  Most of the dishes were too expensive for our liking, so we settled on the beef tartare topped with a fried quail egg.  Neither of us had any idea what tartare was, and we definitely expected it to be cooked beef.  When the waiter brought it out, I asked him if it was raw beef, and he said yes.  My friend and I bravely ate the beef tartare and tried to think of it as sushi.  The beef is well marinated and seasoned, but it does feel funny eating raw beef.



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