Spitz in Eagle Rock, CA

Spitz, Home of the Döner Kebab!  After church one day, the Lunch Crew went to Spitz in Eagle Rock!  It was so much fun to eat outside with the 15 of us that were there.  Spitz is a Mediterranean restaurant that has focaccia sandwiches, lavash wraps, salads, doquitos, and sides like pita strips, sweet potato fries, and fried garbanzo beans.  For the Döner combos for $10.99, you can choose either a focaccia sandwich or a lavash wrap, your type of meat (classic- beef and lamb, chicken döner, mixed meat, falafel-lite, and veg), your flavor (original- tzatziki and chili sauce, street cart- original plus garlic aioli and fried lavash, w/ Pommes- original plus garlic aioli and fries, zesty- original plus zesty feta and pepperoncinis, Mediterranean- original plus hummus, and olives, and feta, and spicy- original plus extra chili sauce and pepperoncinis), a side (thin-cut seasoned fries, lightly-fried pita strips with hummus, sweet potato fries, Greek side salad, and street cart fries), and a drink!  I think of $10.99 as a lot for lunch, but it’s nice to have so many options for your sandwich or lavash wraps.  They also have a tasty tropical iced tea.  I would definitely come here again.

Crispy Seasoned Garbanzo Beans for $4.50- These are new!  The fresh garbanzo beans are fried and tossed with a special blend of seasonings.  I ordered these with my combo (though you aren’t supposed to) so I could try them!  I thought they would be more like fried okra, but they’re just crunchy.  I probably would not order them again unless a lot of people helped me eat them.

The Street Cart Fries for $7.35- These fries are topped with garlic aioli, feta cheese, onion, green pepper, tomatoes, olives, pepperoncinis, and chili sauce!

I ordered the Döner Combo of the classic lavash wrap, street cart flavor!  It’s really good and big.  The lavash wrap is cut in half and at least 4 inches across.


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