Octopus in Brea, CA

Octopus is a Japanese fusion restaurant located at the end of Brea Blvd in downtown Brea.  It’s nice and spacious inside, and the seating is arranged in a circle along the outer edge of the restaurant.

Miso soup and salad to start off the meal!

Lunch combination of beef yakiniku and shrimp and vegetable tempura for $8.95!  Each combination also comes with a bowl of rice, 1/2 an eggroll, pickled cucumbers, and edamame!  I was so stuffed after eating everything.  The beef yakiniku was alright.  It tastes like a beef stirfry, more Chinese than Japanese.

The two item lunch combinations also have chicken teriyaki, spicy chicken, steak teriyaki, salmon teriyaki, sesame chicken, California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, chicken yakiniku, catfish misoyaki, pork cutlet, gyoza, 6 pieces of assorted sashimi, and 4 pieces of sushi as options.


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