Salpicón in Ontario, CA

A friend asked me to find someplace new to try in the Ontario area, so I found Salpicón on Yelp!  It has great reviews for the pupusas, and it’s the first Salvadoran restaurant that I’ve heard of!  It’s located on Euclid Ave. in a plaza just north of the 60 freeway.  We ended up talking for almost 2 hours, and the restaurant staff was kind enough to let us stay even though they had already closed.  If you haven’t had pupusas before, they are like flour pancakes with meat or vegetable fillings inside.

Pupusa Combo #1 for $7.99- Your choice of two pupusas served with rice and Salvadoran refried beans!  I got the chicken pupusa and the featured flavor: La Loca (a pupusa with pork, jalapenos, and Loroco flowers).  The chicken pupusa was delicious, and the homemade salsa (the orange stuff) added some flavor and spice!  The salsa is thick and is more like a spread.


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