Manohar’s Delhi Palace in La Puente, CA

So a group of coworkers and I were ready to try out the new Golden Corral at the Puente Hills mall, but at noon, the restaurant was full and the line was already out the door with at least 50 people!  We were on our way to Coconut Station, but then we changed our minds and went to Manohar’s Delhi Palace!  It’s in a small plaza on Azusa Way.  The restaurant has a fancy feel with dim lighting, round tables covered in dark blue tablecloths, and nice chairs.  The lunch buffet includes Butter Chicken, which is a dish that I haven’t seen at Indian buffets before!

My buffet plate with daal Basmati rice, lentils, a samosa, Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, lamb curry, and aloo gobi for $11.95!  Each buffet item was so good, and I wish I could’ve fit more of it in my stomach.  I was really full after one plate.


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