The Griddle Cafe in Hollywood, CA

After hiking for 10 miles in Griffith Park, we wanted to grab something to eat for lunch!  A friend suggested The Griddle Cafe for its breakfast specialties and pancakes.  The Griddle Cafe is located on Sunset Blvd on the corner of Sunset and Fairfax.  It’s usually full, but the wait doesn’t take too long.The pancake portions are huge!  The dishes have special names like “Yellow Brick Road” and “Saturday Morning Fever.”  It’s a fun popular place for a young crowd, and the waiting area is outside on the sidewalk.

“Good Ol’Fashioned”- Original buttermilk pancakes!

“Red Velvet Pancakes”- These pancakes are topped with swirls and swirls of cream cheese icing!

“Strawberries and Cream” Waffle- Covered with fresh strawberries, brown sugar sour cream topping, and powdered sugar!

“Gone Shrimping” for $11.95- I didn’t want to have breakfast food for lunch, and having pancakes or waffles sounded too sweet.  I ended up ordering “Gone Shrimping.”  It’s egg whites scrambled with shrimp, basil pesto, tomatoes, scallions, and capers!  You can add avocado for 95 cents more.  The shrimp was very tender and flavorful.  The rest of the dish didn’t have as much flavor, but after adding some salt, pepper, and Tapatio sauce, it was great!


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