What’s Up Men in Fullerton, CA

We wanted to go to Foo Foo Tei, but since it’s further away and requires leaving work earlier for lunch, we went to What’s Up Men in Fullerton instead!  It’s a new ramen place right next to Pie-ology and near Cal State Fullerton.  There are four varieties of ramen available- Kuro (soy sauce), Cha (miso), Shiro (salt), and Aka (spicy miso).  The texture of the ramen is comparable to that of Shin-sen-gumi.  For lunch for $7.99 ($8.49 if you get the Aka bowl), you can choose a ramen bowl and a side dish of 4 pieces of gyoza, 1/2 curry bowl, 1/2 kimchi natto bowl, 4 pieces of California roll, 1/2 pork fried rice, 1/2 chicken teriyaki bowl, or 1/2 chashu bowl!  For an additional cost of $0.50-$2.50 each, you can add butter, corn, spicy miso, dry seaweed, bamboo shoots, flavored boiled egg, deep fried green onions, bean sprouts, green onions, or pork!  This place is pretty good, and I would go here again!

All of us ordered the Aka bowl (spicy miso)!  If you just order the ramen bowl, it’s $6.50-$7.25 each. This bowl comes with leeks, bamboo shoots, chashu, and bean sprouts.

The 1/2 portion of pork fried rice!  After eating the ramen, I was satisfied.  Eating the fried rice too was a little too much.  I would recommend getting the gyoza or California rolls if you just want a side and not an additional meal.  The 1/2 portions are a decent size.


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