Bruxie in Brea, CA

My coworkers and I have a weekly discussion on Fridays about where to go for lunch.  I usually don’t have a preference, but one day, I suggested Foo Foo Tei or Bruxie!  We decided to go to Bruxie so others could get Corner Bakery.  Bruxie’s sandwiches are sooo good, and we were able to split a dessert bruxie!

Hot Pastrami Bruxie for $7.95- Boar’s head pastrami, cider slaw, gruyere cheese, spicy brown mustard, and half sour pickles.  So delicious and hit the spot.

My first dessert Bruxie- seasonal creme brulee for $6.50!  This comes with classic vanilla creme, burnt raw sugar, and strawberries!


One thought on “Bruxie in Brea, CA

  1. So glad you blogged about this place! I’ve been here before and it really is good! I love the concept of waffles and sandwiches hehe 🙂

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