Pizza Place California in San Gabriel, CA

My friend and I wanted to grab dinner before seeing our friend perform in a play for Easter, so I suggested Pizza Place California since it would be near the venue for the play!  Pizza Place California is located in the mission district of San Gabriel right across from the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse.  I used to go to Pizza Place California with my family during my childhood when it was located on Las Tunas and San Marino Ave (now Los Tacos), but I hadn’t gone since it moved down by the mission.  It was like reliving a childhood memory, but it was completely different since it has changed from a streetside pizza place to a posh restaurant where you could have a nice date.  The thing I remembered the most was the garlic rolls (doughy balls covered in garlic and parsley), but that was different too.  Now they’re pre-made rolls that have the garlic and parsley added.  They’re still good (I had half of the basket).  We decided to order the vegetable ravioli soup and share a medium blue crab pizza.  The waiter made it sound like the small pizza would be too small for us, but the medium pizza was huge!  It came with 6 large pieces.  The vegetable ravioli soup came with 2 large pieces of ravioli and fresh tomato “salsa,” but it was too salty.  The blue crab pizza (medium for $17.50) came with lumps of blue crab meat, red onions, artichoke hearts, fresh oregano, Canadian bacon, red peppers, and remoulade.  The pizza was really good and hearty.


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