Savoy Kitchen in Alhambra, CA

Savoy Kitchen is a tiny little restaurant on the corner of Valley Blvd between Stoneman Ave. and Monterey St. that serves a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and French cuisine.  It’s really popular among young adults, and there’s always a wait to be seated.  The indoor seating capacity is probably 20-25, but there is also unheated outdoor seating along the side of the restaurant that can fit about 20 more people.

Escargot- Yummy chewy snails cooked with herb butter.

Hainan Chicken Rice for $6.95- This is their most popular dish!  The Hainan chicken is boneless, and you can get extra garlic sauce!  I usually don’t order Hainan chicken because of the bones, but I decided to try it since it is their specialty.  It was so tender and good, and I ended up finishing all the chicken.  If you choose to order the chicken with a salad, the rice portion is halved.  I’ve ordered the spaghetti and curry dishes before, but they don’t really contain much more than sauce.


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