Stir-fried Udon

In an attempt to save some money, I invited a friend over for lunch and made a stir-fried udon dish with some on-hand ingredients: eggs, spam, and mustard greens!  This recipe makes 2-3 servings.


– 4 eggs

– ¼ can Spam

– ½ package mustard greens

– 2 refrigerated packages of udon

– Soy sauce, to taste


1) Beat the eggs in a small bowl.

2) Cut the spam into small cubes.

3) Wash and cut the mustard greens into small pieces.

4) In a medium pan, heat the spam for 2 minutes. Add the eggs and scramble the eggs with the spam until the eggs are almost cooked. Remove from pan.

5) Heat ½ a tablespoon of oil and cook the mustard greens. Add the udon, breaking it up until the noodles are no longer clumped together.

6) When the noodles and mustard greens are combined, mix in the egg and spam mixture. Add soy sauce to taste.  The dish will not be saucy.

Note: You can use any variety of spam.  This particular recipe used Spam Lite.  You can also substitute the spam with other proteins and the mustard greens with any green vegetable.  This meal is simple and balanced!


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