Saigon Noodle House in Diamond Bar, CA

A friend and I met up for lunch here during my lunch break!  Saigon Noodle House is located on the northeast corner of Diamond Bar Blvd and Grand Ave.  I have wanted to eat here since I started working in Diamond Bar last year, but the opportunity never arose until now.  I was so happy when my friend suggested going here for lunch!  The restaurant is well-lit and clean, and the servers are really friendly.  The pho bowls come in both regular and large sizes, but the regular bowl is already big enough.  One of the servers was standing nearby, and he brought us extra bowls of broth when he saw that our bowls were overflowing with noodles and beef!

Pho Bowl #12 for $5.45- This bowl comes with rare beef, beef brisket, flank, tendon, and tripe!  The soup wasn’t too flavorful, so I added hoisin sauce and Sriracha sauce.  I’ve never added these sauces before, but they give the soup a great flavor.


One thought on “Saigon Noodle House in Diamond Bar, CA

  1. Yum, yum, yum! I should check it out one of this days!! Have you tried Pho Company in Costa Mesa? Perhaps you will check it out if in the area. Take care.

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