Buffalo Wild Wings in City of Industry, CA

First post of 2012 and first meal out with friends this year!  This was my first time going to Buffalo Wild Wings.  This location is in the City of Industry on the outskirts of the Puente Hills Mall right off the 60 freeway and Azusa Ave.  Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar with tv screens everywhere, but there is also an outdoor seating area with tv screens and heat lamps.  They have 16 sauces that range from sweet to extremely spicy: sweet BBQ, teriyaki, mild, parmesan garlic, medium, honey BBQ, spicy garlic, chipotle BBQ, jammin’ jalapeno, Asian zing, Caribbean jerk, Thai curry, hot BBQ, hot, mango habanero, wild, and blazin’.

We went on a Tuesday night to get the traditional chicken wings for 55 cents each, and during happy hour from 4-7 pm, you can get $3 appetizers!  We ordered 100 wings, 3 orders of garlic mushrooms, mini corn dogs, chips and salsa, and chips with chili con queso!  Onion rings are part of the $3 appetizers, but they forgot to bring them out for us.  We tried parmesan garlic, honey BBQ, buffalo, chipotle BBQ, Asian zing, Caribbean jerk, Thai curry, and mango habanero.  When ordering the wings a-la-carte, you have to order at least 5 wings with the same flavor.  Most of us preferred the mild flavors, and only a few dared to try the mango habanero, which is the third spiciest flavor.  The mango habanero is really spicy, and it doesn’t have a strong mango flavor.  It’s bearable, but I can’t imagine eating more than one of them.  The parmesan garlic flavor has more parmesan than garlic.  Asian zing, honey BBQ, and chipotle BBQ are my favorite flavors.


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