Arcadia Food Truck Music Fest

This food truck music fest was scheduled a few days after the huge windstorm on November 30th, so we weren’t sure if it was still happening.  It was held right next to the Arco gas station on Foothill and Santa Anita Ave at Emmanuel Church.  After hiking for about 5 miles around Sierra Madre, we walked to the food truck festival! It was free admission, and there were 12 trucks there, no lines, and live music!  Most of the performers were middle-aged men, but they did a great job singing and playing their instruments!

This time, I got some food from Jogasaki and Krazy BBQ!

Jogasaki is a Japanese food truck that makes sushi burritos, which are really just sushi rolls wrapped in rice paper instead of seaweed and eaten with your hands!  For $9, a friend and I split a burrito with fried shrimp, crab, avocado, and rice!  It was delicious and a decent size.  We split the burrito so we could try other foods.

Krazy BBQ- This was also a new food truck for me.  This truck serves Mexican/American/Korean fusion food like tacos, sandwiches, and Kalbi plates.  I ordered the krazy taco with kb steak, cabbage, cheese, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and carrots for $2.95.  The steak was sweet and tender, but the taco was kind of messy with the sauce.

Krazy Dumplings with beef and vermicelli!  I was curious about Korean-style dumplings, so I ordered it too!  Each order comes with 6 pieces.  They’re pretty good with the sauce, and they can also be steamed.  The food truck didn’t have steamed dumplings that day though.


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