Liang’s Village Cuisine in Arcadia, CA

My parents hosted a guest speaker for our church at our house last weekend, and they decided to take him out to Liang’s Village Cuisine on his last night in the U.S.  Liang’s Village Cuisine is located on Baldwin Ave and Duarte Rd in the plaza with 101 Noodle Express and Cue! Photo Stickers.  The sign outside reads “Liang’s Village Cuisine,” but everything on the inside reads “Liang’s Kitchen.” It used to be a Japanese restaurant, so there’s a sushi bar seating area as well as booths and tables.  We sat at the table near the back of the restaurant, and it was like a glossy piece of wood.  We ordered Szechuan beef noodle soup with hand-cut noodles, beef noodle soup with clear broth, noodle soup with mustard greens, and beef stew with carrots and white radishes!

Green vegetables with a dried fish topping.

Zhajiang mian with cucumbers, minced pork and tofu, and black bean sauce (before mixing).

Steamed Pumpkin- This dish was something new!  It’s pieces of pumpkin seasoned with cinnamon and steamed in a bamboo leaf!

Green Onion Pancakes, always a favorite with the kids (and adults).


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