Chicken Pasta and Tomatoey Eggs

It was my turn to cook dinner again, so I decided to make a pasta dish with the leftover rotisserie chicken from Costco and a tomato and egg dish with basil!

For the pasta, I used a 1 lb. bag of rotelle, 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup, 1/2 lb. of rotisserie chicken, and a bag of fresh broccoli!  After cooking the pasta according to the package directions, I put the pasta in large stir fry pan with the mushroom soup.   Cut the chicken into small pieces, boil the broccoli, and add both to the pasta.  Mix everything together over medium-high heat until all the ingredients are cooked through.

For this tomato and egg dish, I used 4 small tomatoes, 6 eggs, and 6 basil leaves.  Cut the tomatoes into quarters and then cut each quarter into thirds.  Cook the tomatoes in a tablespoon of oil over medium heat until they are soft and the juices are in the pan.  Add 1-2 tsp of sugar to sweeten the tomatoes.  Remove the tomatoes from the pan and set aside.  After beating the eggs in a bowl and seasoning with salt and pepper, pour the eggs into the pan and scramble until cooked halfway.  Put the tomatoes back into the pan and mix with the eggs.  Then add the chopped basil leaves to the eggs and tomatoes, stir for another minute and serve!  I’ve never used basil with tomatoes and eggs before, but it makes the dish really fragrant, and it’s nice to have a splash of green with the yellow and red!


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