Banana Bay in Rowland Heights, CA

We went to Banana Bay for a coworker’s farewell lunch!  It was sad to say goodbye to our coworker, but it was nice to meet his wife and daughter.  I hadn’t been to Banana Bay since high school, and I only remembered that the food was really sweet.  This restaurant is located in Yes Plaza on Fullerton and Colima on the Colima side.  They serve lunch specials from 11 am to 3 pm for $5.95-$7.50.  The noodle soups are $5.95, rice/noodle dishes are $6.50, and lunch combination plates are $7.50.  For the reguar lunch specials, you can add a soda, Thai tea, or Thai coffee for just 99 cents more.  The lunch combination specials come with a choice of egg fried rice, garlic fried rice, Hainam rice, or steamed rice, soup, and coconut apple salad!  The combination plates are a great deal, and you can easily split it into two meals.  After ordering a regular lunch special, I kind of wished that I ordered a combo.  I would definitely want to go to Banana Bay again!

Green Chicken Curry for $6.50- This curry comes with chicken, bamboo shoots, green beans, mint leaves, coconut milk, and green curry paste.  The lunch special includes a large serving of rice, so I split the rice into two portions and saved half of the curry for another meal.  The curry is really good, and it’s different with the green beans and mint leaves!  I wasn’t full after eating just half of the rice and curry, but some of us went to Half & Half for drinks afterwards!


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