A & J Restaurant in Diamond Bar, CA

My boss loves beef noodle soup, and some of us suggested going to A & J Restaurant so he could try the beef noodle soup there!  A & J Restaurant is located in the H Mart Plaza near Mr. G’s Pizza and Cherry on Top.  The bowls are smaller here, but they’re still filling.

Chinese Beef Wrap for $6.95- So nicely wrapped and cut into 6 pieces.  This was perfect since there were 6 of us!

Beef Noodle Soup (Clear Broth) for $6.95- I ordered the beef noodle soup with wide noodles and clear broth so it wouldn’t be spicy.  I like spicy food, but too much spice in a temperature hot soup is too much for me.  A & J also gives you the option of regular noodles or wide noodles!  I decided to try the wide noodles because they’re hand-cut, but they’re a little harder to pick up with chopsticks.  The soup is so light, and the beef is very tender.


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