Bierstube Pub in Anaheim, CA

One of my coworkers suggested getting German food for lunch, so we went to the Bierstube Pub!  It’s inside the Phoenix Club by a few car dealerships, so it’s easy to miss.  Bierstube Pub is a cozy restaurant with the tables covered in red checkered tablecloths and sports team photographs on the walls.  They have a selection of lunch specials for $7.95 that are guaranteed to be prepared in 20 minutes so you’ll have enough time to eat during your lunch break during the week.  The lunch menu includes a sausage plate, a french dip sandwich, a schnitzel sandwich, a roasted chicken breast salad, and a south of the border chicken quesadilla.  The regular menu for traditional German dinner plates and sides is also available.

Each table is served a basket of warm buttery rolls and a bottle of mustard.  The mustard tasted great with the bread even though we weren’t sure if the mustard was meant for the rolls.  It had a fragrant smell, but it wasn’t spicy at all.

Schnitzel Sandwich- A breaded pork cutlet with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and mayo on a buttered ciabatta roll.  The sandwich didn’t taste German at all, and the pork didn’t have any flavor.

Overall, Bierstube Pub is a fun place to eat at and has quick friendly service, but the lunch specials aren’t characteristic of German food.  I would give this restaurant 3 stars.


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