Foo Foo Tei in Hacienda Heights, CA

This is my third time going to Foo Foo Tei!  My boss wanted to have ramen for lunch, so a group of us went!  Two of my coworkers ate ramen for the first time, and I was impressed that they ordered the shin shin ramen and the kakiage ramen!  Before we left, they were planning on trying shoyu ramen or mushroom ramen.  We got there by 11:40 am, and we were seated right away at the larger table in the middle of the restaurant.  Foo Foo Tei serves excellent ramen soups in 31 flavors, and there is usually a wait of at least 15-20 minutes.  Each bowl is about $7-9.  If you don’t want to eat ramen, you can also order rice bowls or omelet rice plates.

Seafood Ramen- Ramen with shrimp, oysters, and clams!

Shin Shin Ramen- Spicy ramen with oysters and shrimp!

Hot and Sour Ramen- Ramen in hot and sour soup (vinegar-based soup with shitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots)!

Ten-Shin Ramen- Ramen with a crab omelet in a gravy-style soup!

Kimchee Ramen- I ordered the kimchee ramen, but it’s just typical ramen soup with kimchee.  It was still good, just nothing particularly different.

Kakiage Ramen- Ramen with a vegetable fritter!

I hope to eventually try more of the different ramen soup bowls!  Foo Foo Tei deserves 4.5 stars for its originality and creativity in serving delicious bowls of ramen.


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