Goldstein’s Bagel Bakery in Arcadia, CA

Goldstein’s Bagel Bakery is right next to In-n-Out by Santa Anita Ave and Colorado! I don’t usually eat here, but I was glad when I had a buy one, get one coupon that was expiring soon and two friends who wanted to go!  Unlike In-n-Out, Goldstein’s never has a long line and it isn’t crowded inside.  The bagels are so fresh and the sandwiches taste great though.  Goldstein’s serves a variety of hot and cold bagel sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, and there is a hot breakfast counter available too!  It’s from Goldstein’s that I learned that “a true bagel is boiled, then hearth-baked.”

The smoked salmon sandwich comes with your choice of bagel toasted or not, cream cheese, tomatoes, and capers!  It’s Goldstein’s most popular sandwich.

Pastrami Special Sandwich for $5.49- Served on a whole wheat toasted bagel, tomatoes, red onions, and pickles!  I didn’t want cheese on my sandwich, so one of the workers there asked if I wanted extra of anything else in the sandwich.  I got extra tomatoes!  I give Goldstein’s 4 stars for their friendly service and delicious food.


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