Mikasa Restaurant in Walnut, CA

This is now my second time going to Mikasa.  It’s on Valley Blvd between Camino de Gloria and Castlehill Street.  My boyfriend and I got there 15 minutes before closing on a Friday night, so the employees were already cleaning up and putting the food away.  They didn’t have any more rice, so they gave us salad instead.  The food didn’t look as fresh as usual, but it was the end of the day and the employees were doing us a favor by allowing us to have dinner there.  Mikasa is family-owned, and the restaurant has a homey feel to it.  I like the food here because it tastes authentic, and the food has its natural flavors instead of being covered in the spices that are typical of places like El Torito or Acapulco.

Chicken Asado Plate for $8.99- This dinner plate came with 4 large pieces of grilled chicken, beans, 2 warm tortilas, and a plate of garden salad with ranch dressing.  The chicken was very light and tender, the way chicken tastes when it’s cooked in only oil and salt.  It would have been nice to have rice and extra tortillas.  The 2 tortillas were small, and I still had a lot of chicken left.

Although dining at Mikasa this time wasn’t as good as the first time and the salad didn’t seem that fresh, I would come again for their other dinner plates and definitely for their cocido.  I give Mikasa 3.5 stars.


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