Big Shrimps Fish Grill in Monrovia, CA

A friend and I came here for dinner one night!  Big Shrimps Fish Grill opened in downtown Monrovia over the summer, and the food is similar to that of California Fish Grill.  The menu includes grilled fish plates with garlic butter or Cajun sauce, fried fish plates, seafood tacos and burritos, clam chowder and lobster bisque, salads, sandwiches, and sides like sweet potato fries and grilled zucchini.  The restaurant is fairly small, but outdoor seating is also available.  When you order at the counter, there is a screen on the customer side that shows your order, so you can make sure that everything is correct.  Several types of beer and a salsa bar are also offered.

Each table has a variety of sauces- Louisiana Hot Sauce, Tabasco Sauce, Tapatio Sauce, Malt Vinegar, and Sriracha Sauce!

Panko Breaded Calamari for $4.95- My friend had a coupon for a free starter with the purchase of an entree!  I’ve never had calamari in finger form before.  The breading was good and crispy, but the hot temperature of the calamari made it difficult to eat.  The calamari would come out of the breading with each bite, but it was much easier to eat when it cooled down.

Clam Chowder for $2.95- The soup is flavorful, and it’s a good amount of soup for the price.  Lobster Bisque is also $2.95 for a cup!

Pan Seared Fish Taco for $2.45- Each taco is $2.45, and it’s topped with cabbage, homemade salsa, and cream sauce.  You can also order the two taco combo with coleslaw and a choice of fries, rice, or chips for $6.75.  The other types of tacos include battered fish taco, battered shrimp taco, and Cajun salmon taco.

Grilled Salmon Plate for $9.95- This entree comes with a large piece of salmon, coleslaw, and rice!  The Cajun seasoning was really good, and the salmon was tender with crispy edges.  I didn’t think I would be able to finish everything, but I did!  The rice pilaf was very soft and well-seasoned.

Big Shrimps Fish Grill is more casual than California Fish Grill with its plastic food baskets and styrofoam plates, but the food tastes great, and the interior of the restaurant is clean and comfortable.  Big Shrimps gets 4 stars!


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