Food Truck Festival in Arcadia, CA

This was my first food truck festival!  The festival was at Santa Anita Race Track on October 1st from 11-6 pm, and for a $5 entrance fee, you can eat from 61 food trucks.  The lines weren’t long with the exception of the Grilled Cheese Truck.  That line took about an hour.  Some of the food trucks there were Lobsta Truck, Nom Nom Truck, Boba Truck, White Rabbit, Longboard’s Ice Cream, Flying Pig, Maui Wowi, Naan Stop, Waffles de Liege, Komodo, Ragin’ Cajun, and Macho Nacho Truck!  We found a great spot under a tent and took turns exploring and getting food.

Lobsta Truck- Here is the Lobsta Roll for $12!  It’s expensive, but the lobster tastes so good in the butter sauce and on the toasted split top roll.  You can also get the lobsta in mayo instead of butter.

White Rabbit Truck-  I like the name of this truck.  It serves Filipino-style meats in tacos, burritos, or rice bowls.  For $5, you can get three tacos and choose from chicken adobo, pork sisig, beefsteak, or pork tocino.  We got the beefsteak, pork sisig, and pork tocino tacos.  They were all delicious!  The beefsteak is marinated in a citrus sauce and slow-cooked in its own juices, the pork sisig is deep-fried pork belly chopped and stir-fried in jalapenos and onions, and pork tocino is sweetened cured pork that’s fried and grilled to intensify the spicy flavors.

Longboard’s Ice Cream- For $4, you can pick your flavor ice cream (served on a stick), dip it in milk or dark chocolate, and top it with your choice of 2 toppings (peanuts, pretzels, coconut shavings, graham crackers, crushed waffle cone, rainbow sprinkles, oreo cookie crumbles, or crisped rice)!  If you can’t decide on the topping(s), you can pick “lil bitz” and get all the toppings!  You can also pick one of five signature boards like the Big O- cookies n cream ice cream bar dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in oreos or the Bar Fight- a chocolate ice cream bar dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in pretzels and peanuts.

No Tomatoes Truck- This Indian street food truck does serve food with tomatoes!  You can order Biryani rice with chicken or veggies, chicken or paneer Tikka Masala, chicken, paneer, potato or spinach Kathi rolls, beef or chicken Chapli burgers, a lamb Seekh dog, spinach chana, or yellow Daal lentils!  I ordered the Chicken Kathi Roll for $7.  The spicy chicken is mixed with cilantro and onions and wrapped in a toasty and buttery piece of naan.


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