Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta at California Adventure, CA

During the summer, Disney’s California Adventure opened up a new Italian restaurant by Paradise Pier!  It’s in-between Goofy’s Sky School and Silly Symphony Swings and to the left of the Mediterranean Garden Grill.  The new restaurant is cafeteria-style, and there is seating both inside and outside.  The outdoor seating area is well-lit, and it’s a comfortable place away from the park pathways to sit and enjoy dinner or a nice conversation.  Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta offers three meal options: spaghetti and meatballs, five-cheese ravioli in pesto cream sauce, and campanelle with chicken in a roasted tomato cream sauce.  I like Italian food, but I have fewer options since I don’t like cheese or creamy/cheesy sauces.

Spaghetti and Meatballs for $9.95- I didn’t want to order this, but I didn’t want five-cheese ravioli or the tomato cream sauce chicken pasta either.  Disneyland food is usually good, but the spaghetti sauce looked like it came from a jar, and there were only two meatballs.  The sauce was slightly spicy.  The food at this restaurant provides cuisinal variety at California Adventure, but it isn’t up to the same quality of food served at other DCA restaurants.  Some friends who ordered the campanelle chicken roasted tomato cream sauce pasta also said that the flavor was overpowering and spicy.


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