BBQ by Ken Wu

Ken did all of the grilling, and he did a great job!  Everything was grilled in a light marinade that allowed the natural flavors of the meats and vegetables to come through.  I’ve never had Taiwanese sausages, bulgogi, tempura, fish balls, or shrimp at a bbq before, so they were a pleasant surprise!  I didn’t take pictures of these, but we also had corn on the cob, skewers of mushrooms and zucchini, peaches, grapes, and crystal jelly and longan dessert!

Calvin’s mom also made her famous potato salad for the bbq!  This was my first time trying it, but it’s one of the best potato salads that I’ve had!  It has peas, carrots, chopped apples, potatoes, and ham mixed in just the right amount of mayo.  If eating a lot of carbs wasn’t so unhealthy, I could’ve easily eaten a plate of it.


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