Korea House BBQ in Rowland Heights, CA

Some of us wanted to get Korean bbq for lunch on Labor Day, so we went to Korea House BBQ!  It’s on Colima Road between Nogales and Fullerton.  They have at least 5 all-you-can-eat options that increase in price depending on what kind of meat you want to eat.  We chose option C which had beef brisket, chicken, squid, bulgogi, brisket, pork belly, and more for $17.99 per person.  It also comes with rice paper, salad, a clay pot of rice, and a bowl of spicy tofu soup.

Our side dishes- kimchi cucumbers, tempura fish cake, shredded radishes, beansprouts, seaweed, and kimchi napa cabbage.

Our first plate of meat!  There’s brisket, pork belly, bulgogi, and squid!  I’ve never had squid at a Korean bbq place before.  The group of 5 of us was able to finish two large and three small plates of meat.


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