BCD Tofu House in Rowland Heights, CA

It was a Friday at work, and most of the people I usually eat lunch with were having their Friday off.  I decided to go out and explore a new restaurant since I’d be by myself!  I had heard my coworkers talk about BCD Tofu House, so I ended up going there for lunch.  This restaurant is located in Yes Plaza on Fullerton and Colima, and it’s the same plaza with No. 1 Noodle House, Baimon Thai Cuisine, Nodaji, and Phoenix!  I was seated right away, and the service was very quick and friendly.  Their specialty is that the tofu is 100% USDA-certified organic soon tofu.  I had an assortment of 7 side dishes (banchan), and it felt gluttony to have all of them to myself.  I attempted to eat the fried fish, but it’s so deep fried that I felt like I was eating crispy fish oil.  One of the waitresses even scooped out the rice from my clay pot and put in the silver bowl!  I ordered the soybean paste tofu soup since it sounded interesting.  The soup is miso-flavored and comes with shrimp, a clam, and beef.  My one clam was closed!  =( The soup was great, and the organic tofu was in large chunks.  This tofu is much firmer than the tofu at other tofu houses.  It’s the kind of tofu that won’t disintegrate once you start mixing it with other ingredients.  I was able to finish everything, and I did feel quite stuffed afterwards.  At the end of your meal, a small cup of something like a light syrup is given to you to drink.  All of this food only cost $6.99!

The 7 side dishes- Fried fish, marinated green vegetables, tempura fish cake, beansprouts, kimchi clams, pickles, and kimchi napa cabbage!

Soybean paste tofu soup!  See how big the tofu is?


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