A Thursday Dinner

It was my turn to cook dinner one night, so I decided to cook bokchoy, Japanese udon, frozen lemon pepper grilled fish, and Korean beef!  It’s part fresh, part frozen, part packaged, and it took only one hour to prepare!

For the bokchoy:

I separated the stems from the leaves so I could make two dishes- one with just the stems seasoned with cumin, red pepper flakes, garlic, and salt, and one with the leaves cooked with the beef.

For the Japanese Udon:

I bought the Japanese udon from H Mart a while ago when it was on sale for 3 bags for $10.  H Mart was sampling the noodles, so I bought some!  Cooking the udon is so easy.  Once the water comes to a boil, cook the noodles for 3 minutes.  Add the sauce packets and the topping packets, and pour both the noodles and the soup into a large bowl (or two smaller bowls).  Then top the noodles with the katsuobush (thin fish flakes).

For the beef:

I used Korean thin-sliced beef (bulgogi).  It cooks a lot faster since it’s so thin, but each piece needs to be cooked individually so it doesn’t get overcooked. Rinse the beef before placing it into a bowl.  Marinate the beef according to taste; I used soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic powder, salt, sugar, and cornstarch.  After 30 minutes to an hour, add each pice individually to the pan.  When the meat is cooked, remove the meat from the pan.  Add the bokchoy leaves and cook them in the beef juices.  Add salt to taste.  When the leaves are cooked, put the beef back into the pan and mix together.

For the fish:

There was a box of lemon pepper grilled fish in the freezer that had been there for a long time, so I thought it would be good to finally get it cooked and eaten!  All you have to do is line the baking pan with foil, spray it with cooking spray, and bake it for 15 minutes at 400 degrees F!


2 thoughts on “A Thursday Dinner

    1. For bok choy, first separate each piece from the bunch and wash them. I usually chop it into bite-sized pieces. In a stir-fry pan, heat 1 1/2 tablespoons of oil with some garlic over medium heat, then add the bok choy. It will be crisp-tender after a few minutes, but you can cook it a little longer so it will be softer.

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