Bun Bun Tea House in Arcadia, CA

Finally, a restaurant in a different Asian area!  Bun Bun Tea House was highly recommended to me by my brother.  He has been searching for the best burger, and his recommendations are always worth trying.  This little tea house is in the Arcadia Supermarket plaza on Duarte Road near Baldwin Avenue.  It’s located where Genki Living used to be.  After looking up the reviews on Yelp, most people complained about the slow service and crowds.  However, when a friend and I went there for dinner on a Tuesday night at 7:30, there were only about 8-12 people there!  It did take a while for our food to arrive, but that didn’t matter.  Bun Bun Tea House has a variety of bun bun burgers, rice buns, pocket sandwiches, and tea drinks.  Each entree comes with fries and a potato ball!

The Chicken and Mushroom Pocket Sandwich for $6.95- Slices of marinated chicken, mushrooms, and corn served in a “pita” pocket!

Taiwanese Beef Burger for $7.95- This burger comes with a juicy beef patty, a fried egg, lettuce, and their special bun bun sauce served on two soft “bun buns.”  The beef is very tender, and it reminds me of the kind of meat you get in steamed buns (bao zhis).  The bread is also super soft!


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