No. 1 Noodle House in Rowland Heights, CA

No. 1 Noodle House is a tasty place to go in Rowland Heights!  It’s in the back left corner of Yes Plaza on the southwest side of Colima and Fullerton.  If you like noodles, it’s definitely worth trying.  Each dish costs about $6.  They’re famous for their beef noodle soup and don-don noodles.  I have now tried the beef noodle soup, the don-don noodles, the wontons in red hot oil, and the spicy cold bean noodles.  There are only 7 or 8 dishes here, so it isn’t unrealistic to try everything.  I wanted something light for lunch, so I ordered the spicy cold bean noodles and the wontons.  The noodles are thick, but they have a jelly-like texture.  You can eat the whole bowl and not feel like you really ate anything.  The spicy sauce gave it good flavor.  Next, I want to try the Szechwan cold noodles.


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