Class 302 in Rowland Heights, CA

Class 302 is a popular Taiwanese cafe to get shaved snow or Taiwanese meals!  It’s located on the corner of the 99 Ranch Market plaza building that faces Gale and the 60 freeway off the Nogales exit.  It was a summer night, but it was cold outside with the breeze.  We had to sit outside, but that didn’t stop us from  ordering two bowls of the shaved snow!  Each bowl is about $7.  We got the mango strawberry and caramel pudding flavors and shared it among the four of us.  If you haven’t had shaved snow before, it’s ice blended with milk so it has a thicker texture and looks like ribbons.  It’s ice you can chew!

Mango and Strawberry Snow- Always delicious!

Caramel Pudding Snow- We were reluctant to order this one, but we were glad that we did!  The pudding is the same kind of egg pudding that you can add to your boba tea drinks, and it tastes just like flan once you add the caramel sauce!


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