Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood, CA

My cousin was visiting from Hong Kong this summer, and he wanted to try some real American hot dogs!  Both of us haven’t had Pink’s Hot Dogs before, so it was nice to finally try it!  We went to the original location in Hollywood on La Brea.  There’s seating available in the back if you want to stay and eat the hot dogs there.  The hot dogs aren’t amazingly good, but it’s fun to get different toppings on them.

Bacon Chili Cheese Dog for $5.20- The tomatoes were added by accident.

Coleslaw Dog for $3.90- I wanted to order something “healthy,” so I got the coleslaw dog.  I actually meant to get the Hollywood Walk of Fame dog, but the coleslaw dog is pretty much the same thing.  It’s just shorter and doesn’t comes with tomatoes.  The server was nice and added the tomatoes for free and also put them on the other hot dog.  It’s an interesting combination to put coleslaw and tomatoes on a hot dog, but it still tastes fine.

Chili Fries for $3.80- These chili fries tasted normal, but the chili looks really unappetizing.  It’s just brown meat sauce with nothing but ground beef and spices.


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