Ix Tapa in Pasadena, CA

Ix Tapa is located on the northeast border of Old Town Pasadena right at the corner of Colorado and Arroyo Parkway.  I always drive by Ix Tapa when I go to Old Town, but I never had an opportunity to go there and check it out.  It looks nice with the blue lights and loungy atmosphere.  One of my coworkers had her goodbye happy hour dinner there, so I was glad that I could go too.  However, we didn’t realize that this restaurant had terrible reviews on Yelp.  People have complained about food poisoning, bland food, and lame nightlife.  I’m not sure if I’ll go here again.  I had a bad stomachache after I ate my dinner, and it didn’t feel better until I laid down for a few minutes.  Another friend had food poisoning and threw up.  I thought the food tasted good, but it just didn’t sit well in our stomachs.

The chips and salsa are free!  The salsa doesn’t have much flavor though.

Chicken enchiladas in salsa verde and served with rice and beans for $11!


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