Carmel Belle in Carmel, CA

Carmel Belle is a little cafe and charcuterie in Carmel-by-the-Sea in Carmel, California!  It is located in a small enclosed plaza with an assortment of shops.  The sandwiches are simple, but they taste great with the combination of toasted bread, meat, cheese, and fruit!  There are only three ingredients in each sandwich, and all the combinations are unique and satisfying.  Other than the two items pictured below, we had the ham, fontina cheese, and pear warm sandwich with honey mustard on country toast for $9.50, the free-range rotisserie chicken, brie, and braeburn apple sandwich on ciabatta for $10, and the peanut butter and lemon marmalade sandwich on pullman bread for $5.  The prices are higher, but the quality and flavor of the food are excellent.

Open-faced Roasted Mushroom Melt- Made with truffle oil and cheddar cheese on country toast for $9.50.

Rotisserie Chicken Salad- Made with free-range chicken, avocado, seasoned tomatoes, bleu cheese, Hobb’s bacon, mixed greens and lemon vinaigrette for $13.


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