BoatHouse in Alhambra, CA

BoatHouse is located near the corner of Garfield and Valley between The Hat and Gourmet Island in Alhambra!  It’s just like Boiling Crab, but it isn’t crowded at all, and it’s a good place to watch sports games and championships!  The sauces vary in spiciness, and there are Cajun, garlic butter, lemon pepper, and house special flavors!  You can choose between hot crawfish, clams, mussels, shrimp, dungeness crab, lobster, and king crab legs, cold half shell oysters, king crab legs, and shrimp cocktail, and fried fish, shrimp, soft shell crab, mushrooms, zucchini, onion rings, Cajun or regular French fries, sweet potato fries, chicken tenders, chicken wings, scallops, and calamari!  There are also side dishes such as the house special seafood soup, grilled beef short ribs, edamame, sausages, potatoes, corn on the cob, Cajun seafood fried rice, steamed rice, and garlic bread!

For six of us, we ordered six pounds of shrimp, 2 pounds of clams, six corn cobs, sausages, Cajun fries, and calamari with fries!  It’s really messy and a lot of work to peel everything, but it’s good!  The only drawback of seafood is that it doesn’t fill you up.



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