Umami Burger in Los Angeles, CA

A group of us went to Umami Burger on 8th and La Brea in Los Angeles!  I had heard so much about this burger place, so I was really excited to finally get to try it.  There are nine burgers on the menu to choose from, and they range from $10-$12.  You can add a side of thin fries, smushed potatoes, sweet potato fries, tempura onion rings, market salad, Japanese caprese salad, or house pickles!  I ordered the Umami Burger and the tempura onion rings.  You can substitute the burger patty with a portobello mushroom, but my friend and I thought that we were substituting the bun for the mushroom.  We ended up asking for the burger patty back.  The burger tastes good, but the meat was too rare for my liking.  I could taste the raw beef, and the blood dripped onto my plate.  I usually like my beef to be medium rare.  I really enjoyed the house pickles and tempura onion rings.  The house pickles come with an assortment of pickled okra, pickled mushrooms, kimchi, spicy pickles, two kinds of pickles, and beets.  The tempura onion rings are delicious too.  Each onion ring is thick and tender.  In comparing Umami Burger to other burger joints, I think The Counter is better.


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