Yard House in Irvine, CA

This was my first time going to Yard House in Irvine!  It’s located in the Irvine Spectrum next to the Improv Comedy Club.  A friend and I met up with another college friend here, and we had drinks and chicken fries!  I had to eat more than fries to help absorb the alcohol, so I got two street tacos with rice and beans!

Chicken Fries!  This is actually listed as “chicken nachos” on the menu, but our waiter recommended ordering it with fries instead.  It comes with spicy pinto beans, cheddar and jack cheese, red and green sauce, tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, guacamole and sour cream!  It was really good and I didn’t even mind the cheese.  It was hard to keep from eating all of it.

Street Taco plate!  You can order the tacos a la carte or choose two and add rice and beans.  I ordered the Korean beef taco and the Baja fish taco!  The Korean beef taco comes with marinated beef, green papaya salad, and red chili threads.  The Baja fish taco has fried fish, cabbage, tomatoes, and white sauce.  I liked how the tortilla was so soft and chewy.  Both tacos are really good, but they’re overpriced.  Each taco is about $2.50-$4.


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